About Us


Don't be powerless!

Accidents happen or the aging grid gets an overload. You can lose power for hours or days!  Standby power systems from 

Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Winco, and Gillette will back you up in times of need automatically! Powered by propane or natural gas, your home or business will be humming along as usual! No more dragging out the portable generator using extension cords and refilling the gas!  As soon as the transfer switch senses no grid power, the generator is started. And you have power!  When the grid power comes back online, the generator will shut itself down. 


Be prepared when Mother Nature attacks!

Weather can be severe in all seasons.  Whether it is violent thunderstorms with high winds or snowstorms with blizzard conditions or icing that takes down trees near powerlines. Standby generators will keep power to your home or business until the inconvenience of downed powerlines are over and back online.  No more worries about spoiled food with loss of refrigeration or loss of heat even when you are away!  A standby generator system with automatic transfer switch will take care of it!


We provide experience!

Selecting the right standby system is of the utmost importance.  

We pride ourselves with matching the correct size standby generator system to suit your power needs. We work with only the best electricians in the area to make sure of this!  We provide unsurpassed service and warranty on all the brands we sell and service.  We service customers with existing home stand by generator systems with superior maintenance and/or repair 

as well.  You can count on it!